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Do you want to prepare your kids to face the challenges of tomorrow and make them ready to tap the new opportunities of the digital world?  Come, attend a free session by our experts to learn coding and go from a consumer to creator. 

Preparing kids with coding skills

Coding is the new literacy. Cyber Square online coding courses ensures kids learn coding in the most engaging and effective ways through games, puzzles and projects. Here the kids will become the creators rather than consumers of technology.



Live instructor-led online coding courses for kids

Cyber Square online coding courses equips the kids for the future with the most important skills. Along with coding skills, kids can improve their problem-solving skills, critical thinking, creativity, communication skills etc. The students will learn to create website, animations, games, mobile application, artificial intelligence etc. Make kids future-ready with Cyber Square 1:1 online coding classes.


Created JavaScript Game

Hamdan Zaakin, 10 year old kid from UAE, created a game using JavaScript and phaser in one month time. He enjoyed learning JavaScript Game Development Course and excited about creating more projects of his own.


First Artificial Intelligence Project

Kishoreraj, 11 year old kid from UAE learned and created his first project in AI. He is so excited about learning Online Artificial Intelligence Course For Kids and creating projects. 

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Created own Website

Adarsh Krisha, 7th grade student from Abu Dhabi learned website development course & created his own website. He developed a great interest in coding & is continuing Online Python Course For Kids.